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La Clé Verte - Green Key pour la maison d'hôtes Living in Brûsel, Urban B&B

En 2015, 2016 et 2017, nous avons fièrement obtenu le label international «La Clef Verte» pour l'exploitation touristique exploité d'une façon écologique et durable.


About the World Tourism Organisation and the Green Key Label:

The World Tourism Organization is the UN agency in charge of IY2017 that has given Green Key the official status as “Friend of IY2017”.
Green Key participated in the official launch of IY2017 on 18 January 2017 at the international tourism fair FITUR in Madrid.
Many current activities of Green Key are already supporting sustainable tourism for development, and at international as well as at national level the planned Green Key activities, seminars and events in 2017 will be connected to IY2017.
Green Key also plans to develop new activities in the framework of IY2017,
such as new material supporting sustainable tourism at the Green Key establishments, the organisation of a best practise competition, celebrating World Tourism Day in September etc.